あなたは未来に向かって考えていますか?…夢やビジネスのために?|Are you thinking futuristically?…For your dream business?

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Part of the reason why I named this company Eigo2020 is not only because 2020 is the year the Olympics  and many foreigners will come to Japan, but the year 2020 was supposed to be the truly futuristic time where humans would have remarkable useful tools and gadgets. 

But we don’t have the flying cars, hover boards, and automatic lacing shoes like ‘Back to the future’.  Scratch that. Actually automatic lacing shoes came out for Nike earlier last year for the first time. 

But other than that, and cashless payment systems, what can truly be categorized as futuristic?

The ability to sell your own products!

Mainly digital, but not exclusively. It is exponentially easier to sell a product nowadays than it was 20 plus years ago. But our way of thinking for complex things like businesses have stayed the same.

The possibilities of our own businesses are so available that selling your own products is starting to become common place among the average person around the world (less so in Japan), and soon will be essential to survival. When you sell your own products, what do you become?

Your own boss.  I really think you should consider doing this. Not for the sake of having power and a title, but for your ability to survive and thrive in the future. 

2020 has brought the self payment machines everywhere. Convenient stores, fast food restaurants, and even family restaurants.  What does that mean? 

Less jobs for people working low skilled jobs. What’s next after that? 

The medium skilled jobs will start to disappear. Understand it’s coming. Sorry to say it seems inevitable. 

So what do you do about it? Become one of three types of people who will benefit from the ever-changing future. 

The Owner
The Superstar
The Highly Skilled Worker

What are these?

They are categories of workers  listed in the book “Deep work” by Cal Newport.

He has written many thought provoking books that give you practical methods to be successful.

But I won’t spend the entire blog explaining what all of them are individually, because I believe that we should become all 3.

But it starts at becoming a ‘Highly Skilled Worker’. And there’s good news…you can become one easily. And there is only one type of ‘Highly Skilled Worker’ I think the average person (meaning without a extremely special talent or high intelligence) should be:

A patient expert researcher. Emphasis on patient. 

You must religiously do research on whatever you had a dream of selling to the people of this world. Because a way is out there, you have to patiently research and find the most affordable and sustainable way to provide the service. The way is out there. You may feel there are many drawbacks, but if you have a decent job in Japan, you can slightly budget your finances and time in order to support your investment in becoming an owner or superstar. This can be done while you have a job, but keep your dreams secret as to not cause any trouble. And once you are successful you can work for yourself. 

Still think it’s impossible? 

Don’t be fooled by your old style of thinking, you’ve just been too busy to actually do the right research to create your business. You are cleaver enough, you just need to replace some of your SNS and Video watching time, with your dream making. 

I say this with confidence, because I waited for about 4 years to start building an application, and it seems like I could have finished it 4 years ago if I would have done the proper research. 

The famous creator of cup noodles, Momofuku Ando believed that you had to think from different angles to successfully make and sell an invention. That’s where the idea of noodles in a cup came from. He created instant ramen, but when he was in America he also created the cup noodle. 

I’m not asking you to become Momofuku Ando. He had many more obstacles to make his genius inventions: Materials, machines, culture, complexity, and money. 

The vast majority of these services you need to create your invention or service are out there, and at a reasonable price. 

All you have to do is pay for the time and the research.

Coach Chris















カル・ニューポート(Cal Newport)著の『Deep Work』という本に挙げられている労働者の分類です。













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